Fees and conditions


A risk-free fee formula with a performance obligation


Fee Formulas and Conditions

Although we offer different types of fees depending on the type or difficulty of the position to be filled, the most common is generally the following: a sourcing activation fee + a percentage of the annual salary of the successful candidate.

This recruitment budget is protected by our risk-free formula: a guarantee of presentation and a guarantee of replacement.

About the sourcing activation fee

Why are sourcing activation fees required?

From the beginning of the search, we need the necessary means to reach our first guaranteed objective: the rapid presentation of candidates with high potential. This initial budget available to our recruiters is used to effectively launch their research and give them every opportunity to meet the schedule.

The activation fee is a fixed sum which is invoiced after the signature of the mission order.

What are they for?

  • Activation of sourcing tools and direct approach methods
  • Ad serving on specialized sites
  • Visibility on professional networks and social groups
  • Access to external CV-libraries targeted by profession
  • Participation in various specialized job fairs
  • Psychometric and language tests to assess candidates
  • Etc.

Total cost of a recruitment benefit

Sourcing activation fee

Refundable under the Guarantee no.1

  • Fixed amount
  • To be settled following the signature of the mission order with Eurojob-Consulting.

Percentage of annual salary

Protected by the Guarantee no.2

  • % of the gross wage negotiated for the candidate hired
  • Pay only after signing the hiring contract of the successful candidate.

Are sourcing activation fees protected by a guarantee?

Yes, by our Presentation Guarantee.

Our firm is contractually committed to quickly present to you at least three interested and available candidates who are in adequacy with the position to be filled. The fixed costs of activation of sourcing are entirely refunded to you if we do not respect this commitment.

Rest assured, we do not stop there: for each recruitment mission, Eurojob-Consulting presents an average of 9 candidates who possess the technical and linguistic skills required by the client.

About the percentage of annual salary of the successful candidate

What is the percentage and when should it be settled?

For a successful assignment, Eurojob-Consulting requests an amount equivalent to one percent of the gross annual salary of the candidate hired. This formula is safe for you, since you only pay this amount after the signing of the contract of employment of your new employee.

Our consultants will be happy to explain in detail the conditions of the agreement which are fixed in advance in the order of mission.

Is the hiring of the successful candidate guaranteed?

Yes, by our Replacement Guarantee.

Our firm contractually undertakes to carry out a new search without costs in the event of a termination of your employment relationship with the successful candidate.

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