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  You will only receive applications that have been rigorously targeted, selected and evaluated.


Our main methodology for identifying candidates: the direct approach

In a market where specialised and/or rare candidates are in short supply, the best candidates are approached directly by our team of recruiters. This involves identifying candidates in a specific geographical area and/or with competitors within the German or French speaking recruitment areas.

Our recruiters will identify the skills being sought as well as the Field of recruitment when this initial analysis is complete they will then proceed discreetlyto make contact with potential candidates. A weekly report will then be provided to you with information of the research that has been done.

Interviews and assessment of candidates

Our Franco-German recruiters are categorised within specific sectors or professions. This enables them to assess with a greater certainty whether the candidates do possess the skills required for the position being filled. Each pre-selected candidate is interviewed via video conference or in person with the recruiter. The recruiter seeks for e.g. to:

  • assess the relevance of the application, i.e. if the candidate fulfils the criteria required
  • understand the motivation of the candidates and obtain more information about their career
  • validate the language level and diploma equivalences
  • determine salary expectations
  • confirm the availability of the candidate
  • complete evaluation tests which will be included in the application form submitted.
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«All the colleagues we have recruited thanks to them have succeeded well in our company.»

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Senol Agac
Financial Manager

«The selection was targeted and really matched our needs. Recruitment was very rapid, despite the summer period.»

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Christelle Sol
Human Resources Manager


  Exclusive access to the largest franco-german network of qualified multilingual candidates.


Our networks and our brands

Thanks to the creation of dozens of regional networking groups and the setting up of websites such as Connexion-Emploi and Connexio-Career.com we have become essential in the Franco-German labour market.

Since 2004 we have led the Franco-German community ad innovators in the use of professional and social networks. This network now boasts more than 235,000 members who are established in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. Over 65,000 people are currently subscribed to our Franco-German job newsletter. This provides us with a privileged and exclusive contact with the Franco-German community.

Eureo Network

Our pool of specialised candidates

In comparison with sites with a more general overview, our CV base contains proportionately more qualified and executive level candidates. Thanks to our specialisation in the Franco-German recruitment area, these candidates are mostly bilingual or trilingual with international mobility.


  We assume the risk by paying our fees on the basis of the result and guarantees of the investment realized


We offer the assurance that the recruitment process will proceed as smoothly as possible with a quick and successful conclusion. As part of each recruitment mission entrusted to us, we offer you two guarantees.


Guarantee no. 1

Guarantee of presentation

Eurojob-Consulting will reimburse you the cost of activation of sourcing if the recruiter in charge of your applicant request does not provide you with at least three applications that meet the criteria of the position being filled.

Guarantee no. 2

Placement guarantee

Eurojob-Consulting is committed to offering you a new free search in case of termination of your employment relationship with the candidate placed, regardless of the reason for departure.

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«This recruitment was very important for elcom. It happened in record time, allowed to identify an atypical profile, with someone with a true temperament, entrepreneur, developer, all with a suitable managerial background.»


Eric Vergne
elcom SAS

«Shortly after the launch of the search, we were presented with several applications that matched the profile, including two that resulted in a contract of employment.»


Michael Kohnen
Head of Technical Support Department
Simeda S.A.

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