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The recruiter in charge of your search accompanies you from the beginning to the end.

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If you entrust us with your mission, it is precisely to free you from a sometimes difficult or complex task, while maintaining your decision-making power. That's why we are committed to making the process simple and efficient, while maintaining consistent reporting and seamless communication.


Here is the typical sequence of a mission:

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Day 1

Accuracy of your need and definition of the desired profile

The recruiter in charge of your mission first seeks to understand your need and help you refine it if necessary. We will help you validate:

  • minimum qualifications
  • the language and technical skills desired
  • the soft-skills needed for the job
  • the type of position and contract (permanent, interim management)
  • the place of the post and the date of entry
  • the context in which this employee will evolve and his role within your company
  • the salary thanks to our benchmark for Germany

Together, we define the profile that will serve as a reference to our guarantee of presentation. Following this mission briefing, the recruiter writes a summary report that clearly establishes the agreed requirements for the position. It is on this basis that we are committed to quickly submit applications that meet your needs.

Then, the recruiter writes a job description in two or three languages that will make it as attractive as possible to potential candidates.


Day 2

Candidate Sourcing Activation

After having validated with you the desired profile, the recruiter activates different research methods according to the sector of activity and the geographical area. That's when the expertise of our team is put to use.


From week 1

Sourcing, testing and selection

Throughout the recruitment process, the recruiter analyzes the best candidates, conducts pre-selection interviews with potential candidates, tests and checks skills to refine his assessment and checks references. Then he prepares a detailed file of each successful candidate he will submit to you over the weeks.

This report contains among others:

  • the objective evaluation of the recruiter
  • the results of language, personality or aptitude tests
  • salary expectations
  • the availability of the candidate
  • the geographical mobility of the candidate
  • the resume
  • the certificate of employment
  • equivalences of diplomas
  • and any other relevant document

From week 3

Reception of the first candidatures, feedback and first interviews

Depending on the complexity of the search, you will generally receive the first applications as of the 3rd week of the recruitment mission.

After you have consulted the report of the first candidates, the recruiter will collect your feedback for each of them. The recruiter coordinates the first job interviews within your company. Our recruiter remains your intermediary at all stages of selection and ensures regular contact with you and candidates.

As soon as certain profiles interest you, the recruiter coordinates the first interviews (telephone, video-conference) between the potential candidates and you, as well as subsequent job interviews, within your company. Our recruiter remains your intermediary at all stages of selection and ensures regular contact with you and applicants.


Week 7 and following

Entry into force of the guarantee of presentation and continuation of the interviews

In the first six weeks of the research, the recruiter should have presented you with at least 3 applications that meet the previously defined hiring criteria. If it fails to meet the 6-week schedule, we will fully refund the sourcing activation fee as part of our submission guarantee.

Of course, if the recruitment mission is not yet closed, the recruiter continues to submit applications (an average of 9 matching candidates per mission), until the search results in a hiring .



Signature of the contract, entry into force of the replacement guarantee and follow-up

Eurojob-Consulting and its partners also provide support when hiring the successful candidate, for example during the salary negotiation or the drafting of the employment contract. We also follow up with the successful candidate to ensure that it fits well within your company.

The Eurojob-Consulting replacement guarantee comes into effect at the time of signing the employment contract. If for any reason whatsoever, there is a breach of the employment contract during the probationary period (6 months), we will carry out a new research at no cost.

We remind you that at each stage of the mission, we put our expertise at your disposal. Whether it is to make a salary estimate, to help you conduct job interviews, to create a payslip or to draft a contract of employment in a Franco-German context, our firm and our partners assure you their support.

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Senol Agac
Financial director

«You have been very helpful to us and I will not hesitate to contact you for future recruitments. It's very nice to work with someone who really understands our issues.»


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