Franco-German and European recruitment specialists


Access a unique network of qualified and multilingual candidates through a targeted approach.

If you are a SME (small or medium-sized enterprise) with a demanding need of specialized candidates in the German-speaking and French-speaking markets, we suggest you to use the direct approach or the hunt. Our team takes care of sourcing with confidentiality the candidates corresponding to your environment and specifications in a fast period of time. Eurojob Consultung are specialists in the recruitment of French- and German-speaking multilingual candidates in France and Germany, Franco-German recruiting via direct approach and headhunting.

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Targeted approach

International sourcing expertise thanks to experienced consultants sharpened by direct approach methods.


Reception of the first applications validated as of the 3rd week following a precise timing and reporting.

Franco-German expertise

A tailor-made partnership: weekly briefing, salary estimation, legal advice, integration support.

Risk-free formula to the result

Guarantee of presentation of corresponding profiles under 6 weeks and guarantee of the candidate placed during 6 months.

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