Our Franco-German specialization


You benefit from our expertise in the targeted approach of candidates
and our intercultural expertise in a penurious market.

For more than 15 years, our reputation has been built around our in-depth knowledge of recruitment in the German and French markets. The development of our own sourcing methods in a Franco-German context is one of the main advantages of our specialized firm.

Susanne Goniak

  Direct and targeted approach of candidates

Development of new research channels to achieve a direct and agile approach to profiles in active search or passive watch.

  Intercultural expertise

In-depth knowledge of the particularities of hiring in France and Germany concerning the contractual aspect, salary levels, equivalence of diplomas and the evaluation of candidates.


  Unique pool of candidates

Establishment of our own Franco-German CV-library and subscriptions in specialized databases of candidates in both countries.

  Proven long-standing partnerships

Links with many public and private organizations in the Franco-German area, such as chambers of commerce, agencies for the international development or export of companies, renowned schools and universities.


  Large network of qualified profiles

Creation and animation of the largest Franco-German professional and social network.

  Franco-German trade fairs

Organization of ConneXio Career Online Franco-German Job Days, enabling us to activate our pool of candidates.

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«We recommend the Eurojob-Consulting team as experts in the recruitment of Franco-German profiles. The quick intervention of their consultants allowed us to assemble our sales team in Germany while relying on their expertise to evaluate German candidates and achieve salary benchmarking»

Loic Fevre
Sales Manager
King Tony Deutschland GmbH

«Eurojob-Consulting has a real knowledge of the German market and it feels! It all started with a briefing with a precise job analysis to establish the feasibility of recruitment and the search criteria. Once the candidates were presented, the bilingual recruiter supported us until the final decision was made.»


Christelle Sol
Human Resources Manager

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