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Developing in the field of human resources in Germany since 2005, we are today at the head of leading recruitment firms on the Franco-German market in Europe.

Thanks to its various brands and numerous partnerships, our company Eureo Holding SAS has developed the largest French-German network of qualified and bilingual candidates in Europe.

Jérôme Lecot Thomas Desray

With his partner Thomas Desray, Jérôme Lecot has launched the Franco-German recruitment agency Eurojob Consulting. Everything started with a personal story through their expatriate experience in France and Germany. They started from two observations :  


Business support

On the one hand, VSEs / SMEs that export to the Rhine River often face recruitment problems to attract and retain specialized and multilingual candidates. The large groups, thanks to the notoriety of their employer brand, rake the market of candidates. Family-owned businesses, meanwhile, are struggling to highlight the environment of their specialized professions. They also suffer from a lack of expertise in the recruitment market in the midst of a shortage. Sometimes their geographical location is an additional obstacle outside the major employment areas.

Cabinet Enterprises
Cabinet Candidates

Accompanying candidates

On the other hand, candidates working in a Franco-German expatriate context express the need for enhanced support to orient themselves, make the choice of the right employer and develop professionally. Job search is very often a topic that creates anxiety, especially when you have to tackle a new job market with its specificities: integrate quickly in Germany and solve all the red tape, understand culture and the working environment.

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