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Eurojob Consulting unites its employees around fundamental values written in its mission statement. These values are an integral part of our business and pre-determines our relationships.

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We place a lot of importance on the respect and accompaniment of our partners. To build a lasting and satisfying relationship with our candidates and clients, we are transparent in all our business dealings.



We make it a point of honour to consider the needs of our customers. As a signatory to the Diversity Charter, we are committed to the fight for equal opportunities and the promotion of diversity with equal treatment of applications, Non-discrimination, fair assessment of competences.

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We adapt our sourcing and selection tools to the latest recruitment trends in an international context. We offer our customers cost-effective, simple and fluid solutions. We open up our technological innovation to be used by our clients and candidates: sourcing, ConneXio-Career virtual exhibitions...



We deeply love our job. Human exchanges bring us into a real relationship of trust, connection and sharing. The recruitment sector confronts us with unique, individual paths. As the years go by, we endeavour to keep intact the feeling of satisfaction that recruiting the right candidate for the job brings and will bring that dedication to the table for each and every candidate request.

This feeling of goodwill which enables a job well done continues to resonate within our firm.

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