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We are constantly looking for qualified and bilingual profiles for positions to be filled in the Franco-German area.

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«Eurojob-Consulting offers excellent support, both close to the needs of the candidate as well as after integration into the company. Immediate feedback after each interview is a real asset to help prepare the next step.»

Wolfram Vogel

Wolfram Vogel
Head of Public Affairs and Communication


Why send your CV to the Franco-German recruitment firm Eurojob-Consulting?

  • You gain access to a network of companies actively seeking out the major contenders in French-German recruitment.

  • Your CV will be handled confidentially by recruiters who have a regional overview of the Franco-German labour market.

  • Even on standby, recruiters will be able to reactivate your resume if they see an opportunity that suits you.

  • You increase your chances of receiving offers for unadvertised positions.

«I think [my bosses] are really happy with the work done so far. They listen to my intel about the French market and take my comments very seriously. Once a month, I travel to Austria to report about my activity.»

Christian Giacalone

Christian Giacalone
Sales Manager France
Recruited by Eurojob-Consulting for Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld


Our job offers


Hundreds of jobs in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Most jobs are offered by small and medium-sized enterprises, as they are growing in Europe. Above all, Eurojob-Consulting is looking for candidates with technical know-how who speak German, French and / or English.

Here is an insight into our current searches.

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