Information on the different skills assessments eligible for the Personal Training Account

  • You are questioning your career?
  • You wish to take stock of your career?
  • You are about to leave or returning from expatriation?
  • You want to get to know yourself better and better value yourself on the job market ?
  • You want to access new functions or are looking for a new job?
  • You are considering a new job?
  • You are considering a new professional training course
  • You want to balance your personal and professional commitments?
  • You want to take back the reins of your career?

Coaching is available in French and or German online.

We will use the book « Réussir son projet professionnel : affirmer sa singularité et libérer son meilleur potentiel » designed by Anita Olland, our trainer, as a guide. The Map'UP® method, which offers a cartography that reveals the specificities of a person's optimal functioning, will constitute a support that reveals talents and motivations during the assessment and will remain with the beneficiary as a method of self-coaching valid for 15 years (MAP'UP® covered by the socio-professional skills assessment on "my training account" - value €294 inc.) Finally, the talent topology will allow the identification of the beneficiary's optimum socio-professional positioning.


At the end of the assessment, the beneficiary will receive a written summary* (identification of your transferable skills, your professional and personal assets and an action plan). Six months after the end of the assessment, we will carry out a follow-up interview to ensure that the professional project implemented is becoming a reality and to find the necessary adjustments to correct the weak or strong impact of certain actions. *The results of the assessment are the sole property of the beneficiary. They may only be communicated to a third party with the beneficiary's agreement.

To find out about and claim your CPF rights go to “moncompteformation”

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