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«The salary estimate I obtained allowed me to enter with more confidence into the negotiation phase with my new employer. In fact, I slightly underestimated the remuneration I thought I could claim in Germany.»

Philippe Dubois

Philippe Dubois
Sales Engineer


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What are the factors that influence the salary in Germany?

The factors of influence are related to the size of the company, its sector of activity and the location of the position, but obviously to your training and your experience.

In general, wages are higher in companies with more than 500 employees. Especially if they are in large industrial or economic centers like Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart or Munich. On the other hand, an employee who works in these regions usually has to pay more in terms of rent. The salary is proportional to the cost of living.

Engineers , sales engineers and programmers , for example, can claim good wages because of the great demand for these professions in Germany.

The number of years of experience and the quality of your expertise are also factors that make your remuneration more interesting. Especially if you are given important tasks that allow you to climb the ladder of the hierarchy of your company.


A service for any qualified candidate

Whether you are a beginner, experienced or executive, make sure you get paid at your fair value in Germany or France. Enjoy this service if ...

  • you are in the business of a company in Germany or France and you are in the wage bargaining stage.
  • you are curious to know if your current compensation in your company is adequate.
  • you are on standby and you do not know your real value in the German or French job market.
  • your post is transferred to Germany or France.

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Thomas Desray, Financial Advisor

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Thomas Desray is financial advisor for individuals and SMEs in Germany. It helps to choose the solutions adapted to the needs of each one in the field of banking products, insurance, savings, complementary health and retirement, in the choice of a private or public health insurance and in the search for mortgages. Due to his activity, Thomas Desray has a lot of experience in salaries, he can calculate equivalent remuneration packages between different countries.

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