The Recruitment Specialists for French-German and international profiles in Europe

Founded in 2004, we are an Executive Consulting company which specialises in the targeted search of German, French or European employees in France, Germany, and Switzerland as well as in Belgium and Austria.

Our Strengths:

  • A local presence in many European countries
  • A risk-free offer
  • A wide French-German network
  • Advisers specialised in this profession and field
  • A structure adapted to groups of companies and SMEs

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Interim / Project Management

We are able to offer you specialists in the IT field, public sector, management, HR and Logistics etc. for the taking on of short-term tasks in Germany or in France.

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Eurojob-Consulting is of great benefit to all French-speaking people in Germany! The uncomplicated and very professional contact with their team in 2007 was, for me, a real springboard for my professional life.

I recommend all emigrants and French-speaking people with the desire to work in Germany to contact them in order to get some really valuable tips.

Isabelle from Levetzow, Accounts Department Manager Germany, Austria, Hungary


We support groups of companies and SMEs